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RE: Eaglepoint's 2d/3d Analysis software

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I am not sure how long it has been since you had last talked to someone
from Eagle Point, but we now have many of our programs operating in the
Windows environment including our 2d/3d Frame Analysis in AutoCAD.  It
did take us a little longer than expected since we (Eagle Point) decided
to take the extra time necessary to re-write the programs for Windows
and add the features that ECOM's clients were asking for.  We decided
against simply putting a Windows interface on a DOS product (watch out
for those).  As we re-write our programs for Windows, they are using a
new interface including Wizards to walk the user through the process so
they are not cumbersome, but intuitive and intelligent instead.  We have
moderate upgrade fees from DOS to Windows (less than $100) because of
these significant changes to our programs, but the prices of our
programs has actually decreased over the last couple of years to make
our complete library more affordable (under $4,000).  Once again, if you
have not received requested information, I urge you to let me know so
that I may process your request personally.  Fell free to call me so I
may get your updated information regarding our software.

Joe Deppe
Manager, Structural Division
800-678-6565 Ext. 360

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>Subject: 	Re: Eaglepoint's 2d/3d Analysis software
>In a message dated 98-06-01 11:25:17 EDT, you write:
> I have had some experience with some of their structural software. 
>  You may need to be persistent.  They do seem to be slow getting 
> things out.  I have not had experience with their frame programs.
>  >>
>I too have and had experience with some of there structural software.  (Most
>of it developed and taken over from ECOM). I am still using their concrete
>shear wall lateral analysis program and the concrete column program. Their
>concrete slabs, beams, general frames, etc. programs are VERY cumbersome.
>For structural steel there is nothing better than RISA2D.
>Most of their (Eaglepoint) programs are still in DOS version!!!!! They are
>SLOWLY trying to convert to Windows.
>Yes they are VERY slow. I did order the same program twice (Footings) and
>not heared from them!!!!!! They are very much interested in "servicing" your
>(their) existing (old) programs they call it "updating" for a rather high
>As far as I am concerned.....................their PR "stinks"
>Just my opinion
>Antonio S. Luisoni
>Consulting SE