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Re: Steel moment frame connections

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On 5/31 Tom Harris wrote:

>      Can someone give feedback / recommendations on current state of the art
> moment frame connections. What about experience with proprietary vs. non-
> proprietary ? This would be for a run of the mill two story retail / office in
> seismic zone 4 in a near fault type " B " area.

Generally- the following types of connections are commonly being used 

1- Reduced Beam Section (or dogbone).  Fairly economical and 
reliable.  Design guidelines may be found in FEMA-267a.  At this 
point, many tests have been run on this connection for beam sizes 
varying from W18 to W36x150.  Commonly accepted by many building 
departments.  Nonproprietary.

2- Cover Plates.   Nonproprietary.  Costly and mixed reliability.  
Design guideliens contained in FEMA-267.  A number of tests have been 
run up to W36x150.

3- Sideplates - Proprietary.  Extensive review by County of LA and 
OSHPD.  Contact the supplier for more info.  I believe the supplier 
goes by the name "Sideplate" but you can also get information from 
Meyers & Houghton an SE firm in Southern California.

4- Slotted Web Connections.  Economical.  Reported to have 8 tests on 
W36x150 members.  Contact the Allen Company, in Los Angeles for more 

Ronald O. Hamburger, SE
Regional Manager
EQE International, Inc.
San Francisco, California