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VOTE NO TODAY ON 224! (last reminder)

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The BIG election is Tuesday June 2.  

Make sure you and every registered voter you know votes NO on 224.

Do you know enough about Proposotion 224 to tell all your "registered voter" 

This is a very deceptive initiative that basically preserves every Caltrans 
employee's job and gives them the chance to create a huge state bureaucracy.

Did you know that over 800 statewide organizations are against 224?

Did you know that 224 is opposed by: 

        The Democratic and Republican parties  (wow! they agree on something!)
        The CA Chamber of Commerce
        Virtually every private-sector labor union
        Hundreds of cities and counties
        Hundreds of State school districts.

If that is not enough, try reading the initiative and then you'll understand.

Prop 224 is bad for California.

And on top of that, it will severely damage the private consulting industry.

Don't do any Caltrans projects? Don't think it will hurt your firm?

Think again.  As soon as the state starts doing all the engineering and design 
for transportation, schools, hospitals, and anything having state funds or 
liability, all those consultants who currently do this work will be going after 
your business.  

Why?  Because they won't be able to compete in the "rigged" competitive bidding 
scheme that Caltrans union has cooked up.  It is not competetive bidding at all.

Prop 224 is a deceptive job protection scheme

So...on June 2, cast your NO vote on 224.

If you have any questions, or want to help out, let me know ASAP..

Your job depends on it!

Mark G 

P.S.  I have vote by mail applications if you want to avoid the ballot box.  
They must be submitted to your local registrar by May 26.  We can send them in 
if you like.