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Good things about Eagle Point for Bill

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While I have no experience with the 2D/3D analysis packages (the original
subject of this thread) we currently use two of Eagle Point's products in my
office:  Masonry Wall and Retaining Wall.

I have personally used the retaining wall program extensively and it is, for
the most part, wonderful.  (I will qualify that statment later.)  This
program allows you to enter all possible load conditions (soil weight,
surcharges, line loads, etc.) and boundary conditions for minimum and
maximum wall thicknesses, heel and toe widths, key sizes, yada, yada, yada.
It will check an existing design, or provide optimized sizes (within your
parameters) and reinforcement.  The output give detailed calculations
(suitable for submittal) and goes so far as to give numbers of various bar
sizes and required cut off lengths (taking development into account).

That said, I have experienced a few quirks with the program that I have been
too busy to a) track down or b) contact tech support yet.  One is that the
window cannot be resized.  It is perhaps a quirk of my graphics card that
some information can be cut off in one or more displays.  Also, I have been
unsuccessful in running the basement wall portion of the program.  Once
again, I think that this may be a quirk of my individual computer, since
others in my office are able to do it with no problem.

While my experience with the Masonry wall program is limited to "hey, check
this out," it appears to be on the same par as the retaining wall module.

Just my 2 cents worth,

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> All of the posts I've seen regarding Eaglepoint's software has been
> negative. If the software is so bad, it would be difficult to
> understand how
> they stay in business. There must be SOMEONE on this listserv who has had
> positive experiences with their software. I would be interested in their
> comments to provide proper balance.
> Thanks,
> Bill Allen