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RE: Eaglepoint's 2d/3d Analysis software

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OK, I'll take a minute and comment.  I don't use their 2d/3d software
but have used their Wind Analysis, version 2.0 software.  It is a
Windows 95 based program that computes wind loads per ASCE 7-95.  I have
not used it extensively but the times I have, its been easy to use and
handy.  The results have checked out.  It will figure wind loads on wind
sensitive structures which is a fairly involved process (try following
the ASCE appendix)  -  this is a big time saver.  I've only used this
feature on preliminary designs and have not done a comprehensive check
but the solutions have been reasonable.  This program is a rewrite of
their Breeze program which was DOS base - I used it as well but
navigating in it was confusing.

Ed Marshall, PE
Simons Engineering

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> All of the posts I've seen regarding Eaglepoint's software has been
> negative. If the software is so bad, it would be difficult to
> understand how
> they stay in business. There must be SOMEONE on this listserv who has
> had
> positive experiences with their software. I would be interested in
> their
> comments to provide proper balance.
> Thanks,
> Bill Allen