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You are being somewhat unfair in your response.  However, in the same sense you
are right in your response.  To me, as a SEAOC delegate representing SEAOSC, I
am interested in what the membership thinks.  I can also assure you that the
rest of the SEAOSC delegates and SEAOSC Board care what the members think.  So
please present your views.

Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

> Does it REALLY matter what the SEAOC membership thinks? Up to now, the
> organization has demonstrated that it is not interested in the opinions of
> its membership by discussing this (and other) issues within a small circle,
> making a decision and then announcing the results of that decision with very
> little input by the general membership.
> I understand the need and/or desire to create a stronger (state and
> national) voice but I am also concerned that we as members will become an
> even more distant entity.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen
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> From: Williston Warren IV [mailto:billw4(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Monday, June 01, 1998 4:19 PM
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> Subject: Changes to SEAOC and SEAOSC, SEAONC, SEAOSD and SEAOCC
> As a member of the SEAOSC Board of DIrectors I read the May 1998 SEAOC Plan
> Review article by the SEAOC President with some startle.  On page 3 of the
> May plan review our SEAOC President noted:
>      "The Board unanimously passed a motion ot establish a committee to
> explore options and study the governance and adminstration of SEAOC.
> .....    Included in their review will be the question of whether SEAOC
> should continue as a federation of autonomous member organizations."
> Is this a proposal to centralize the four existing operations of the FOUR
> members of SEAOC, which are SEAONC, SEAOSD, SEAOCC and SEAOSC. It is my
> reading of the SEAOSC Association By-Laws states that members are members
> of SEAOSC and that SEAOSC contributes a portion of each members dues fee to
> SEAOC for state expense, resulting in that the SEAOSC does not pay SEAOC
> dues, just SEAOSC dues.
> I am interested in membership opinion.  The beginning of the month means
> the four member Board of Directors meeting and if you have an opinion,
> comment or experience, please post it to the list server.
> Does the centralization of the existing four associations in the State
> Office or the continuation of the four organizations as the members to
>         Bill Warren, S.E.
>         Newport Beach, CA.