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Re: Eaglepoint's 2d/3d Analysis software

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In a message dated 98-06-02 11:53:05 EDT, you write:

<< Another problem with their software is that an access code consisting of
 approx. 20 letters and numbers must be entered for each program.  You must
 install the software on each machine, which in turn generates a code that
 must be faxed to Eagle Point, then they fax teh access codes back to you
 (ours took a week and a half).  Once you finally get the codes, you must go
 back around to each machine and enter all the numbers.  
 Good luck again
 Troy Madlem
 Structural Engineer >>

Troy, you are right on the target!
The worst case I had experienced was that after input those numbers, about a
month later, those annoying message poped up again.  I have to find some new
numbers to feed it. Offen time when I found out that I needed a set of numbers
(they offen came without warning), it was late in the afternoon, their shop
was closed.  To be fair, I have to say that if you call your account exective
in Eagle Point, they normally responde rather quickly. 

Can we get rid of them? Those codes really made me feel being held hostage.
Like having a car, I cann't immage every morning I have to pray that I don't
need to call Ford today, because my car might not start, I need to get some
codes, although it is a 800 number......

Larry Lao