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FW: ALGOR Software

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Same "nice" opinions as Chris about ALGOR.
Recommendation: try to use COSMOS/M - 1.75.A or STRAP.

Cezar AANICAI, S.E.	- kaa(--nospam--at)
Dept. of Structural Mechanics,
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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My company has been using ALGOR for several years now and has had positive
results with it, although in my personal experience I am not the biggest fan.
Being a younger engineer (about 4 yrs exp.) I haven't had a chance to use all
of its capabilities, but the basic drawback for me has been the difficulty in
getting the raw data and its user friendliness.  

To get results we've had to create complicated EXCEL Macro programs just to
extract the data if a format usable to us.  I've found myself spending
excessive amounts of time organizing results even from a simple model.  I've
liked other programs much better that integrate the pre-processing and post-
processing together in one module.  For me this is a productivity issue which
I think ALGOR could improve on.

Also it isn't too specified to the structural engineering.  Its a very
powerful general FEM program with non-linear capabilities (its also used by
mechanical engineers), but you may find yourself searching around for a while
to get it to do the things you want.  More so than with your typical
structural software.

On the good side, its been a very stable, reliable program.  We don't find
ourselves updating it every 6 months with the lastest bells and whistles.  In
this respect its a workhorse, and once you use it for a while it grows on you.
It has many strong defenders in our firm.

I hope these comments have helped you.

Chris Hall, P.E.
San Diego, CA