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Re: Composite Action in Load Bearing Walls

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I recall during a conversation with someone at the Canadian Wood Council that 
composite action between wall stud and sheathing was being researched and 
perhaps included in the next code. The composite action was to be considered 
for deflection only. Perhaps you could contact the Wood Council through their 
web site at

Mark McCormick, P. Eng.
Fredericton, NB, Canada
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From:           	"DAVID N. MARTIN, P.E" <dnmme6622(--nospam--at)>
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Subject:        	Composite Action in Load Bearing Walls

> I have recently been involved in a design review where are claims are
> made that the wall sheathing (APA Rated) can be made to act compositely
> with the studs. The premise being that the section modulas and moment of
> inertia are greatly increased. It would seem that just nailing the
> sheathing would not produce any real composite action. If composite
> action was counted on it would seem that under lateral loading,
> primarily wind, that for the windward case the sheathing would be put in
> compression. I am uncortable with the premise and was wondering if any
> one has ever tried this or knows of research on the subject.
> David N. Martin, P.E.