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RE: Good things about Eagle Point for Bill

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The place to designate a basement wall is in the 'GENERAL DATA' dialog box.
I agree this is not very intuitive.  BTW, my version is also 1.3.


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> seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
> That said, I have experienced a few quirks with the program that
> I have been
> too busy to a) track down or b) contact tech support yet.  One is that the
> window cannot be resized.  It is perhaps a quirk of my graphics card that
> some information can be cut off in one or more displays.  Also, I
> have been
> unsuccessful in running the basement wall portion of the program.
> I was not aware of the "Basement" design part of the program.  I have Ver
> 1.3.  In the help file it describes a basement wall, but it does
> not say how
> to get the program to design one.  I can not find it in any of
> the pull-down
> menus.  I am sorry, but I can not find my user's manual.
> Joe Deppe, can you send me a private email telling me if Quickwall can do
> basement walls?
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