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Bill Allen, S.E. wrote:

> Sorry, Rick, but I just call 'em the way I see 'em. I have been a
> (dues
> paying) member for 18 years and I have seen very little in the way of
> responsiveness to the membership. I have written letters to the
> President
> (past not current) of SEAOSC and not gotten responses and I know
> others have
> as well. I am disappointed that so few participate on this listserv
> and
> kudos goes out to you, Bill Warren, James Lai, Don Gilbert and Rawn
> Nelson
> for your contributions.
> I understand the need/desire to strengthen the state office in order
> that we
> have a stronger voice. However, this voice will be hollow if it does
> not
> have the support of the membership. A classic example is the recent
> $10 dues
> increase to operate the state office without having a dialog with the
> membership seeking its support. The operations remind me of a smoke
> filled
> back room where all of the decisions are made and directions decided.
> Even
> if you perceive this as an exaggeration, the organization should make
> more
> of an effort to dispel this image. I don't believe one topic should be
> discussed without full disclosure to the membership.
> Should SEAOC proceed with a reorganization plan to centralize, I
> believe a
> serious effort should be made to make the Internet part of the plan. I
> believe a separate, password enabled listserve or Intranet should be
> set up
> for members only to discuss issues that we may not want aired in a
> public
> forum. I think it would be really nice if the seaosc website was
> updated
> with all of the committee reports. If you go check these out, very
> little
> has been done to keep this data current. If the committees are made up
> of
> "old geezers" who don't know how to turn on a computer, maybe it would
> make
> sense to actively recruit some "young pups" for committee membership
> to fill
> this role. This would be "win-win" in that the information would get
> processed and the younger engineers would feel like they are making a
> contribution without feeling like they have to be an expert to
> participate.
> While I understand the need/desire to strengthen a state presence, I
> would
> like to discourage the organization from disbanding the regional
> offices
> altogether. Representation is done best locally (we have found this
> out
> after 222 years of practice).
> A good start would be to post the minutes of tonight's Board of
> Directors
> meeting.
> Regards,
> Bill Allen

Bill,I'm a young engineer, working in chicago.
I have a good 4 yrs. before I'm even eligible to
take an exam.  This list serve is great for me for
several reasons.

1. It costs nothing
2. Exposes me to topics I don't find in textbook examples
3. Allows me to interact from several states away
4. Doesn't force me as an SEAOI member to also be a SEAOC member.
    (Although SEAOI could do the same.)
5. Promotes communication amoung Engineers

If you put into action a plan that would restrict any of the above
I would have no interest in the list serve what-so-ever...

I imagine many others would agree

-Pete D. E.I.T.