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Re: Staad PRO

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     The analysis looks fine but I don't put much trust on their design 
     post-processor especially on concrete. Comparing STAAD III with other 
     softwares, for analysis of general type of structures, I'd vouch for 
     SAP 90 or 2000 but for high rise buildings, ETABS for me would be 
     Jerome AM Tan

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Subject: Staad PRO
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Date:    6/3/98 9:43 AM

I haven't played around with STAAD/PRO much but it contains a module 
called Struct. Etc. which I understand to be the Enercalc Structural 
Library incorporated into STAAD.  I've used Enercalc alot (the old Lotus 
for dos version) which I find to be handy for all sorts of things 
(simple beam design, section properties, retwall design, etc.). 
Otherwise, the only other neat thing which we have notice is that you 
can create your own template for printing out calculations (to make it 
look like your company computation paper).
Concerning those initial bugs, the first version they sent us did not 
work at all.  The version we are currently using seems to work well (at 
least the analysis module).  Creating input interactively seems alot 
more powerful with dialog boxes to assist in defining geometry and 
member properties.  We haven't used the FEMkit, Visual Draw or FabriCAD 
Be prepare to use up a couple of toner cartridges printing out all of 
the manuals which come in PDF format.
Concerning reliability of the output, the analysis portion appears to be 
consistent with previous versions.  Someone in our office did a 3D FEM 
run using 8 node elements on a box girder bridge and the results were 
pretty much the same.  That plus a couple of runs we did to compute 
thermal stresses between several fixed piers appears to be the same. 
Sorry, we haven't used the design capabilities yet.  
I'll keep you posted if anything unusual happens.  Hope this helps.
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> Subject:	RE: Good things about Eagle Point for Bill 
> We have been hearing a lot about eaglepoint recently; what are the
> collective thoughts of the group about STAAD-III and STAAD/PRO. I like 
> Staad-III and will probably like PRO when all of the bugs are worked
> out and
> all of the components function. I think that the first release, 
> rushed to
> market before the end of the year, was an early Bata and that the 
> latest
> version is still a bata version. Seems to me REI is letting the users 
> do
> their testing and bug identification. 
> Has anyone heard anything about the reliability of the output. 
> Thanks
> Jim hester