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RE: Changes to SEAOC and SEAOSC, SEAONC,

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I fully understood Bill Allen's suggestion and have no problem with it.  I 
certainly appreciate SEAOC's permitting anyone to participate on this 
listservice, and I understand that for matters dealing strictly with SEAOC's 
operations that a closed newsgroup would be the most appropriate.

I would like to confirm that I am not a member of SEAOC, nor am I registered 
in California, although, at one time I toyed with applying for California 
registration, even ordering the previous 5 years of exams from BORPELS.  
Then, I started thinking about why would someone hire a Structural Engineer 
in Arizona to do work in California when there are so many very qualified and 
knowledgeable Structural Engineers in California familiar with California 
conditions, construction and engineering procedures.  I could not come up 
with any logical answer, so I put that thought aside.

BTW, I considered that the exams that I received from BORPELS were much more 
practical and easier than the Arizona structural exams that I took.  I say 
"exams that I took," because at that time, very few people passed the Arizona 
structural exam the first time.  (The first time I took the exam, there were 
only 5 people taking the test, and only one passed.  Not only did he pass the 
exam the first time he took it, but he took the EIT exam on Saturday, the 
Civil Exam on Sunday, and the Structural Exam on Monday, passing all of them 
and on Tuesday he went back to work as field engineer on the construction of 
the Stanford Linear Accelerator.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Bill Allen wrote:

. > While I appreciate the contributions made by Roger Turk, et. al., I 
. > believe the benefit of allowing SEAOC membership and its directors to 
. > speak freely w/o fear of "airing dirty laundry" to the world far 
. > outweighs the loss of contributions by non-members. BTW, I don't believe 
. > there is a restriction on membership (especially since the organization
. > started letting CEs vote). Roger, Mel and others I'm sure are welcome to 
. > join.
. > 
. > Regards,
. > Bill Allen
. >