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Re: SEAOSC Board Inquiry from Warren

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At 6/3/98 11:03 AM, Fred wrote:

>I don't understand the isolationist rumblings in the South. What gives? Fred

Now that is uncalled for. Lets keep the focus on the issues and not try to
generalize this as a "Southern" concern. 

The points you (Fred) made are very good, and so are the ones that Rick and
Bill made. We need to combine the two without loosing their effectiveness.

I have heard a lot about the fear that SEAOC will be in-effective because
of the new national code. That is a baseless worry. SEAOC has been
effective and will be because of the members it has, what it has to offer
and the amount of time SEAOC members volunteer to promote the association.
If we have good things to offer, we will always have an impact on the
outcome of all the concerned issues. Vice versa, if we don't have much to
offer and have a very strong "State Office", we will not get much attention.

A good example is this list server. People support this list server because
it provides them the kind of information that is unique and educational.
Point is, it is the contents that make the difference not how the
organization is structured.