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Partial Rigidity (was ALGOR, EAGLE, ETABS, STAAD etc.)

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J. Luo wrote:

<< Partial rigid connections allow the connection rigidity to be adjusted
<< between zero and full strength (100%). For example, an 3D member has 2
<< nodes, each of which has 6 dofs. Each dof has a connection rigidity.
<< Every connection rigidity (moment, torsion, axial force, and shear
<< force) can be adjusted. This can model a structure more accurately.

Even this linear approach can rapidly diverge from actual behaviour as
deflections increase. A more accurate modeling of Moment-Rotation behaviour is
with a bi-linear or tri-linear connection model. The question is, what
stiffness value do you use for the various deflection levels, knowing the
answer varies based on all sorts of parameters such as  column width, beam
depth, connection type, etc.? This, of course, gets quite invloved if you're
trying to model this behaviour for all six DOF and begs the question, is it
really worth the trouble?

Bruce Bates
RISA Technologies