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RE: SEAOSC Board Inquiry from Warren

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I tried to state my post carefully, but I can see how it becomes difficult
to separate local from International issues and yet try to show
similarities. I agree with you and would not consider disbanding separate
chapters for a unified state office. The outcome would have multiple
effects. The worst, as you stated, would be the ineffectiveness at local
levels. The next, in my opinion, would be similar to merging two political
groups. The result would have virtually none of the strengths unique to each
side.  We need opposing idea's in order to pragmatically accept the best
from each side in order to create a solution that results from, rather than
compromises, issues.
Once we move higher up the chain, we no longer can deal with the basics.
Instead, we end up dealing with the results of work by each organization's
basic components - none of whom would be willing to compromise their work.
This is where Fred's opinion seems to originate. We need to work
concurrently rather than allow the development cycles to progress down many
different paths. By uniting similar organizations (SEA, ASCE, CELSOC etc.)
we have the ability to maintain a focus on the goals and still be able to
assimilate information (including opposing opinions) from the many different
The best way is to create representation to agree upon a path, then assign
tasks to each group.

We seem to be at a point where it becomes difficult to proceed based upon
the history invested at each level for each group. We can either work
through this or start, once again from the basics. In the case of SEAOC, the
basics remain the chapters. This boils down to preserving the components
(local chapters) and re-working the State organization.

I hope this makes it a more clear.

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To a certain degree you are mixing apples and oranges.  In the global
perspective I could not agree with you more!  But, from the California
perspective, we need the autonomy of the individual sections to be able to
on a regional basis with local governments.  For them, their concerns are
specific to their jurisdiction.  Without a strong local section we leave
jurisdictions on their own to interpret international provisions for
in their own back yard.

We need to be responsive locally as much as we need to be responsive
and internationally.  This concept does not have to detract from either, but
can not forsake one for the other!