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Bills opinions are his own. As one of the originators of this list (past
chairman and member of the SEAOSC Computer Applications Committee and a
member of SEAOC CAC) my opinions are not in agreement with Bill's.  Please
read the comments I made to Rick Raneous and Fred Turners posts entitled "
Re: SEAOSC Board Inquiry from Warren" and I think you will understand where
I, for one, anticipated the direction of the list and web to take.
I strongly believe that SEA overshadows this List and need only be given
merit for the creation of these tools - not as a proponent for any political
or regional platform. This is disturbing to me since the creation of this
list was intended to be a "gift" with no strings attached, to the entire
engineering community. It was further intended to promote and create a unity
among globally located engineers.
If SEA (any chapter, state or national level) wishes to use these tools for
their work, they may do so and private lists can be accommodated. However, I
personally feel that if the work is related to IBC issues, the opinions of
any list participant is equally important. It seems blasphemous to think
that only regional or local SEA members should be allowed to contribute to
the creation of codes and methodologies that are used by the entire
profession.  Contribution need not have affiliations attached to the to be
I also believe that it is detrimental to the future of this list if any one
participant believes that he or she is simply a guest. This may be the
reason why we have so few new discussions or comments from outside the
California area. The list is a virtual device, not a physical asset. There
are no guests or residents, only those who use it to communicate. There are
no restrictions to it's use (other than the normal moral and ethical
At the very least, if the issue of affiliation is important, this list
should be used by individuals with other affiliations to help unite a very
fragmented professional community.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject:	Re: Changes to SEAOC and SEAOSC, SEAONC, SEAOSD and SEAOCC

I would like to thank Pat Nickel for his support on non members'
to the server.  I welcome this forum for its exchange of ideas technical,
political and ethical.  I would  respectfully ask if there is private
bussiness within SEAoC to be conducted by board members and not to be
Why don't the board members conduct it privately.  I for one generally do
comment on internal politics or policies, these sould be set by the
administration under the guidelines set by the membership.  I don't know if
Bill Allen meant his comments to be, but I took them to be very patronizing,
as if comments or input from "non members"  is somehow of less value than
comments by "members".  His comments of the membership being non resitricted
and the "espicially since the organization started letting CEs to vote", I
feel, is an example of this.  I realize that as non members of SEAoC we are
invited guests, however, invited guests should be treated with respect and
they may even have something of value to contribute.    Roger Turk, I know
been very active in SEAoA at Chapter, State and Committee levels.  I have
served on the Board of Directors of SEAoA, been a past president of SEAoA ,
and served on several committes.   Judging from what I have seen of some of
the people that visit and comment on this server Roger and I are far from
unique.  With this all said maybe the best thing is to take Bill up on his
invitation to join SEAoC.  Bill, as a registered SE in Ca. what would my
status be?

Respectfully and thank you for letting me vent.

Mel Slaysman