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Thanks for your comments and giving me an opportunity to provide an attempt
at clarification. Certainly I was not attempting to be "patronizing" or do I
feel that comments by non-SEAOC members/non CA SEs are less significant or,
in general, have less valuable content than SEAOC members/CA SEs. My
suggestion is merely an attempt to give the SEAOC membership a venue to
participate actively in an organization to which they pay dues and, in
return, give the organization a significant resource (i.e., members that
cannot/will not attend committee meetings but are available for e-mail
correspondence) for getting things done.

I speculate that there are two major reasons why many SEAOC elected
officials do not post more SEAOC business on this listserv: because they do
not use a computer or that they are intimidated by the potential of "airing
dirty laundry". I don't know how to solve the first problem but the second
may be solved by setting up a password protected "Intranet".

With regards to non-SEAOC members offering opinions to SEAOC business, I am
sure this input is welcome and I know it has been valuable in the past.
However, I associate this practice to someone who has an opinion on politics
but are not registered to vote. For example, what weight would you put on my
opinion on the Governor's race in AZ?

With regards to your potential membership, you should probably contact Don
Gilbert for a correct response, but I would suspect, since you are a CA SE,
you would be a Member SE.

Thanks for your comments,
Bill Allen

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Subject: Re: Changes to SEAOC and SEAOSC, SEAONC, SEAOSD and SEAOCC

I would like to thank Pat Nickel for his support on non members'
to the server.  I welcome this forum for its exchange of ideas technical,
political and ethical.  I would  respectfully ask if there is private
bussiness within SEAoC to be conducted by board members and not to be
Why don't the board members conduct it privately.  I for one generally do
comment on internal politics or policies, these sould be set by the
administration under the guidelines set by the membership.  I don't know if
Bill Allen meant his comments to be, but I took them to be very patronizing,
as if comments or input from "non members"  is somehow of less value than
comments by "members".  His comments of the membership being non resitricted
and the "espicially since the organization started letting CEs to vote", I
feel, is an example of this.  I realize that as non members of SEAoC we are
invited guests, however, invited guests should be treated with respect and
they may even have something of value to contribute.    Roger Turk, I know
been very active in SEAoA at Chapter, State and Committee levels.  I have
served on the Board of Directors of SEAoA, been a past president of SEAoA ,
and served on several committes.   Judging from what I have seen of some of
the people that visit and comment on this server Roger and I are far from
unique.  With this all said maybe the best thing is to take Bill up on his
invitation to join SEAoC.  Bill, as a registered SE in Ca. what would my
status be?

Respectfully and thank you for letting me vent.

Mel Slaysman