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Re: Changes to SEAOC / Bill/ Alan and no to centralization!

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In a message dated 98-06-05 13:49:37 EDT, you write:

<< At the tuesday night SEAONC meeting, I was distrubed when the SEAOC
 Executive Director commented that he didn't feel putting the minutes of
 Board meetings on the webpage was particularly timely or helpful to the
 membership as that couldn't be done until they are official and that would
 take THIRTY DAYS until the next meeting.   What would be wrong with HIM
 putting a short report on what was discussed and some of the thoughts
 offererd both for and against the proposals considered?   >>
     I too feel Bill's message expresses my feelings on his subject. Last
month the executive director attended a SEAOSC board meeting and expressed and
came across that he understands his job role is to answer only to SEAOC board
members and in particular to attend to special projects such as SAC. This came
as a response when he was asked by a SEAOSC board member if he could read this
listserver and he explained why this is not part of his job. 
     Four years ago, SEAOSC authorized people in my area ( Ventura, Santa
Barbara, and San luis Obispo counties ) to form a tri counties chapter of
SEAOSC while Orange county established another chapter and changed bylaws to
have one more board member from each area. This was appreciated by those in my
area . Otherwise it would be like taxation without representation. An
important part of my being a member of SEAOC is education and socialization
from attending dinner meeting presentations and seminars locally. Los Angeles
is a long traffic jam drive away. My replacement on the SEAOSC board ( Fred
Schott ) will be driving from San Luis Obispo to L.A. once a month on the
order of 400 miles roundtrip.  I don't mean to be isolationalist but
practical. I believe we need more regional meetings, not centralization. I
think centralization would be completely the wrong direction.

     Tom Harris , SE
     Thousand Oaks, CA