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Dennis Wish Wrote:

>Ron Hamburger's comments, as aptly pointed out by Bill Cain, represent an
>individual out of touch with the current financial state of his professional
>organization. I certainly would not be in favor of paying more fees' to
>support Hamburgers jetting from one city or country to another.

[Bill Cain]  Dennis, my friend, you have misinterpreted my remarks regarding
Ron Hamburger.  

I did not say that he was out of touch with the financial condition of the
organization.  In the comments he's made and the contacts I've had with him,
he has always seemed to have a good grasp of these matters.  My comment
regarding costs was that Ron has travel resources that some of the rest of us
don't have to get around.  And, he sees the issues from the large firm
perspective. I don't personally know what Ron pays for and what SEAOC pays for
but I suspect Ron or his firm covers much of the travel cost as the SEAONC &
SEAOC travel budgets are really pretty small.  I have a great deal of respect
for Ron and his work on behalf of SEAOC, SAC, etc.  He has worked tirelessly
on our behalf.  I just disagree with Ron on the centralization issue.

Bill Cain, SE
Albany, CA