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The Steel Joist Institute (SJI) is the best source of information on

Voice 843-626-1995  managing director Don Murphy.

(Steve Bian - note new area code _AND_ new phone number)

They have links to several joist manufacturers, but I particularily
recommend Valley Joist (Voice 702-575-7337  manager Kim James, chief
engineer Betty Corkwell, sales manager Gordon Barnes) over any of the
others previously suggested by other responders.  Valley's been making
joists in Alabama for half a century, and just opened a new plant in
Fernley, NV this winter.  Any SJI member company will give you a quality
product, but IMHO Valley tends to be more responsive to customers' needs
and questions than some others.

As previously mentioned, floor vibrations can control a design.  So can
roof ponding.  The SJI sells a program to assist in vibration analysis. 
It is less than 1/2 the price of the one Tom Murray sells, and _MUCH_
easier to use.  Murray's gives you many pages more output, but based on
my experience as a Professional Engineer rather than a Professor of
Engineering, the additional info is of no value in the real world.  I
recommend Murray's to students, the SJI's to designers.

Philip T. Hodge, PE