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FW: Q&A - Future of Server -Reply

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responses to survey
I am not member of SEAOC ...I am Civil Engineer that intermittently deals
with structural problems for a federal agency in the hills of the
east...your listserv is great!

To: seaoc(--nospam--at)
Subject: Q&A - Future of Server
Date: Sunday, June 07, 1998 9:22PM

To: All readers of the List Server:

Allow me first of all to congratulate Shafat Qazi, the CAC Committee and
those participants who contribute to the success of this web server.
While the server has attracted many readers within California, others
throughout the United States and some overseas readers have also give
significant input to this server.

This web server requires continuing improvement and maintenance. In
order to assist your future board to make plans for continual growth and
maintenance of the web server under volunteer effort, we seek your
wisdom and comment on the following questions:

1. Do you visit the list server because of its contents? yes
2. Do you sign up the list server because of the name no
3. Do you like the idea of a change of name to ( which stand
for SEA International)? no problem
4. Will there be draw back if the name changes within the next 3
months? only if I lose contact with the listserv
5. Can you adopt to a change of name within the 3 months transition?
no problem
6. Can you volunteer to assist our CAC to maintain this server?
doubtful; it would depend on task
7. If the server is run by an outside vendor other than our members,
will you continue your support?likely yes
8. Do current vendors participate because of the name or the
popularity of the server? I have no direct knowledge but  my impression
is yes  to both....I would like to see a similar setup in every state. 

James S. Lai
SEAOSC President-Elect