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RE: Q&A - Future of Server

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To:  James S Lai, S.E.,
SEAOSC President-Elect

From: Rick Becker, P.E.,
ICBO LA Basin Chapter Webmaster

My responses to your e-mail questions are as follows:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: JAMES S LAI [mailto:jslaicse(--nospam--at)]
> Subject: Q&A - Future of Server

> 1. Do you visit the list server because of its contents?
Absolutely.  List server contributors in effect are helping build the SEAOC
site; the list server becomes a method to compile information.  Website
search tools allow individuals to research information from list server

> 2. Do you sign up the list server because of the name
To a degree;  where else can you find immediate access to so many structural

> 3. Do you like the idea of a change of name to ( which stand
> for SEA International)?
International is good (Ask ICBO)!  And a website is inherently international
/ worldwide.

> 4. Will there be draw back if the name changes within the next 3 months?
Suggest that maintaining the older domain during the transition is a must,
in order to redirect visitors.  Also suggest you make a note on the website
explaining the name change.

> 5. Can you adopt to a change of name within the 3 months transition?
Yes, immediately.

> 6. Can you volunteer to assist our CAC to maintain this server?
Doubtful, I'm keeping busy with other websites, including the LA Basin
Chapter website, and City of Burbank Building Division website.