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RE: Q&A - Future of Server

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Some comments from a non-Californian lurker (mostly).

> 1. Do you visit the list server because of its contents?


> 2. Do you sign up the list server because of the name

No.  The name had nothing to do with it.

> 3. Do you like the idea of a change of name to ( which stand
> for SEA International)?

In the grand scheme of things, it wouldn't really matter.  I would, however,
question why the change was being made.

> 4. Will there be draw back if the name changes within the next 3 months?

Not really.

> 5. Can you adopt to a change of name within the 3 months transition?

It's really just a matter of changing my address book.

> 6. Can you volunteer to assist our CAC to maintain this server?

Very doubtful.

> 7. If the server is run by an outside vendor other than our members,
> will you continue your support?

If you mean participation, then yes, as long as I do not begin recieving an
inordinate amount of advertising.

> 8. Do current vendors participate because of the name or the
> popularity of the server?

I think it is the popularity and the nature of the audience.

> James S. Lai
> SEAOSC President-Elect