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Q&A - Future of Server

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Response to questions from James Lai:

. > 1. Do you visit the list server because of its contents?

   Yes, and its contents are everything from very serious information to 

. > 2. Do you sign up the list server because of the name

   I signed up because of an article in "Online."  Apparently some surplus 
   copies were sent to SEAOA and I was curious about what would be on the 

. > 3. Do you like the idea of a change of name to ( which stand 
. > for SEA International)?

   I don't know why you would want to change the name unless some other 
   group, such as NCSEA, was going to take it over.  The listservice is 
   international now, and probably will remain so no matter what you call it.

. > 4. Will there be draw back if the name changes within the next 3 months?

   Probably not, but why change it?

. > 5. Can you adopt to a change of name within the 3 months transition?


. > 6. Can you volunteer to assist our CAC to maintain this server?

   Probably not.

. > 7. If the server is run by an outside vendor other than our members, 
. > will you continue your support?

   Probably, as long as it continues in the same manner as it is now.

. > 8. Do current vendors participate because of the name or the 
. > popularity of the server?

   I suspect that vendors participate on this listservice:

      a. To see how their product(s) are perceived.
      b. To answer questions about their product(s).
      c. To bring their product's name(s) to the attention of the profession.

      (Not necessarily in the order presented.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona