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purposely permeable concrete

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Permeable concrete sounds like a guarenteed failure for the flooring. 
The planned sheet vinyl flooring will then become the vapor barrier, even
if the concrete is of normal porosity.  In dozens of buildings built in
the 1960's and 70's, I have seen two interesting rphenomena.  The first
is that the water pressure will eventually lift the flooring off, glue
and all.  The second is that the concrete underneath will be dark,
indicating water saturation.  In the most extreme case, with a more
modern urethane floor, blisters formed on the flooring, and if punctured
would actually squirt water.   Similarly, plywood or OSB placed on a slab
w/o a proper vapor barrier will swell and raise up, eventually requiring
total replacement. If the flooring is to last, there must be an effective
 vapor barrier under the slab.  

Russ Nester

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