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RE: Partial Rigidity (was ALGOR, EAGLE, ETABS, STAAD etc.)

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> connections used in wind or seismic applications.  How rigid should I
> assume
> it, 100%?  90%?  Please comment.
> Y. Henry Huang
(1) "100%" means the connector has a rigidity=infinity. In real
structures (i.e, steel, wood), connectors are deformable.

(2) If the connector is deformable, it is an example of partial-rigid
analysis. However, without an analysis, there is no design. We cannot
have any info about the connector. Simply assume a connector strength,
i.e., 90%, and have an analysis. Partial-rigid analysis may output the
"connector stiffness" that is corresponding to the assumed strength
(i.e., 90%). Based on the analysis result, we can design member
sections, and then design the connector. It is necessary to calculate
the connector stiffness and check if the connector stiffness is
satisfied with analysis output. If not, adjust the connector strength
and re-start the process again.