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Re: Need Help (non structural)

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At 07:26 AM 6/9/98 -0700, you wrote:
>A friend of mine (Structural Engineer) is in charge of an  Airport
>design-build project in Asia. 
>Via fax he informed me that at this stage of the project he needs to
>purchase some used equipments for general Airport operation and for Boeing
>727 Air planes such as:
>- Ground power unit (GPU)
>- Air conditioning unit (ACU) for the aircraft

Years ago I worked for a company that made the above two items for this
aircraft.  The company's name has changed a few times.  The name now is one
of these, or combination of these: Garret-Signal, Garret AirResearch,
Allied Signal, or maybe just Garret.  The home office is in Torrance, these
products are made in Phoenix.  Competitors for these products are Pratt &
Whitney and GE.  Any airline or airfreight company that uses this airplane
would also know where to buy these products.

David Carpenter