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Re: Wood Shear Walls Bracing Masonry

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Mike Brown wrote:

> Barry:
> I do not have anything to back up my answer to your question, but if I were
> to guess, the reason wood shear walls cannot be used to resist masonry is
> the difference in rigidities.
> I believe that the masonry is so stiff compared to wood, that the wood shear
> walls would deflect too much for the masonry.  In other words, the masonry
> wall will need to deflect with the lateral resisting elements (masonry wall
> is perpendicular to shear walls) and this deflection will cause the masonry
> wall to fail in the out-of-plane direction.

Perhaps there has not been any testing of plywood shear wall elements over 12
feet in height. If the shear wall rigidity is increased (by adding length to the
wall) I'd think the deflection arguement could be addressed and satisfied. If
the masonry wall h/t requirements are met and the "drift" can be satisfied, what
else can make this a limitation?? Horizontal wood diaphragms bracing masonry
appear to have their own design requirements, why not vertical?

> If anyone knows the answer to this question, has a better explanation, or
> disagrees, please respond.
> Mike Brown, P.E.
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> Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 11:47 AM
> Subject: Wood Shear Walls Bracing Masonry
> >Can someone direct me to the basis of (97)UBC 2315.2.2.1 requirement for
> >limiting wood shear walls for bracing masonry/concrete walls under 12
> >feet.
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> >Barry H. Welliver
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