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RE: Fibrous concrete

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This topic was debated a while back on this list.  Since then, I contacted the corporate offices of a major polypropylene manufacturer.  I told them of the debate here and internally within our company.  I asked them point blank if it was appropriate to replace reinforcing steel with polypropylene fibers.  They also inferred on their web page that they performed engineering services.  I also asked if they would seal the design on a slab on grade.  I never received an answer.  

I will not use fibers in lieu of mesh or rebar.  There are appropriate uses for fibers (examples: in addition to steel to control plastic shrinkage cracking, or in stair pans).

I've seen projects where polypropylene fibers were used in lieu of steel mesh or rebar for a slab on grade, and I have seen an engineering firm shell out thousands of dollars to settle the case.  The slab had to be replaced.

Harold Sprague

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Has anyone specified fibrous concrete for slabs on grade as an contractors
option in lieu of std. wire mesh?