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Re: FEMA 310, Handbook for the Seismic Evaluation of Buildings --A Prestandard.

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>From New Zealand I can share your concerns.  In the NZ National Society for 
Earthquake Engineering working for a government authority there appears to 
be government political and interest group pressure to temper applications 
for upgrading buildings unsafe in earthquake.  Any application that results 
in more front end cost is strongly resisted, in spite of potential longer 
term costs and benefit/cost advantages.  And in spite of any need for a 
defensible position after the event!

Fair to say there is divergence of opinion amongst engineers as well.  Some 
say "too tough and too expensive" while others say the proposals are 
unconservative.  I guess we have it about right???

> Frank,
> You are not alone in your concerns.  It has been my experience lately
>  that any
> doucment dealing with evaluating exisiting buildings, especially in
>  relation to
> seismic, which is being sponsored by FEMA is having similar problems.  
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> Rick Ranous, SE
> California State--Emergency Services
> FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at) wrote:
> > Dear Colleagues,
> >
> > If you like FEMA 178, 1992, you will love FEMA 310, "Handbook for the
>  Seismic
> > Evaluation of Buildings -- A Prestandard" prepared by the American
>  Society of
> > Civil Engineers for Federal Emergency Management Agency.
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> >
> > Frank E. McClure   FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)
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