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You will not believe this one...

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I can not beleive it beacause:
Like many others I use WordPerfect 6.1 and am not a big fan of Word.
What is the result at step (5)? 

Kasey Hemmatyar, P. Eng. (structural)
Vancouver, B.C. 
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At 04:39 PM 6/10/98, you wrote:
>Could not resist the temptation of forwarding the following to crowd.
>I hope this will not offend anyone.
>Sasha Itsekson
>> Does Bill Gates have a problem we don't know about?
>> 1.  Open a new document in Word
>> 2.  Type "Unable to follow directions" (without the quotes)
>> 3.  Higlight the entire sentence you just typed
>> 4.  Click Tools; Thesaurus (or hit shift-F7 to open the thesaurus)
>> 5.  Look at the suggested replacement