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RE: tying rebar

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Well, there's a new approach!  But I am skeptical as to whether the cable
ties can be tightened sufficiently to adequately secure rebar cages and/or
mats against displacement. The only way I know to prove or disprove the
viability of this idea is to try it out.

I would consider permitting the contractor to provisionally tie up a small
portion of the work this way. I would take measurements of the placement,
then I would test the installation by having a crew of 200# ironworkers walk
around on the installation and check the resulting effects.

If you are comfortable that, by this method, the work is adequately tied and
secured to prevent dislocation of the bars beyond standard placing
tolerances through the completion of the concrete placement, then all's


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Subject: tying rebar

A contractor asked me whether it would be acceptable to use plastic zip
ties (like those used by electricians to tie wire bundles) to tie rebar
at splices in lieu of 16 ga wire.  Is there any particular reason to
allow/disallow the practice?