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RE: tying rebar

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I can't say I've ever seen them used.  Most specs I've seen specifically
call out wire, but, as long as the ties are strong enough to hold up to
construction workers walking on the bars and placement of the concrete,
there shouldn't be any problem.  Might want to require them to cut off the
tails so they aren't left sticking out of the concrete (and make sure all
the tails don't end up at the bottom of the forms).   You might also want to
check with CRSI to see if they have any position on plastic ties.

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> Subject:	tying rebar
> A contractor asked me whether it would be acceptable to use plastic zip
> ties (like those used by electricians to tie wire bundles) to tie rebar
> at splices in lieu of 16 ga wire.  Is there any particular reason to
> allow/disallow the practice?