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Managed Health Care (Fwd)

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RE:	Managed Health Care (Fwd)

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>>A managed care company president was given a ticket for a performance
>>of Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony."  Since he was unable to go, he
>>passed the invitation to one of his managed care reviewers.  The next
>>morning, the president asked the reviewer how he had enjoyed it, and he
>>was handed a memorandum, which read as follows:
>>1.  For a considerable period, the oboe players had nothing to do.  Their
>>number should be reduced, and their work spread over the whole
>>orchestra, thus avoiding peaks of inactivity.
>>2.  All twelve violins were playing identical notes.  This seems
>>unnecessary duplication, and the staff in this section should be
>>drastically cut.  If a large volume of sound is required, this could be
>>obtained through use of an amplifier.
>>3.  Much effort was involved in playing the 16th notes.  This seems an
>>excessive refinement, and it is recommended that all notes should be
>>rounded up to the nearest 8th note.  If this were done, it would be
>>possible to use paraprofessionals instead of experienced musicians.
>>4.  No useful purpose is served by repeating with horns the passage that
>>has already been handled by the strings.  If all such redundant passages
>>were eliminated, the concert could be reduced from two hours to twenty
>>5.  This symphony has two movements.  If Schubert did not achieve his
>>musical goals by the end of the first movement, then he should have
>>stopped there.  The second movement is unnecessary and should be cut.
>>In light of the above, one can only conclude that had Schubert given
>>attention to these matters, his symphony would probably have been
>>finished by now.
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