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Re: tying rebar

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Plastic products have been used for many years to secure reinforcment 
from displacement. There are plastic "donuts" that help provide required 
clearances for vertical reinforcement from column or wall formwork.  
There are also plastic chairs available for slab reinforcement.

As far as strength goes plastic ties in general are alot stronger then 
you would think - probably as strong as a tie wire. (Plastic ties are 
used by some Police Officers in lieu of handcuffs)

It seems using the plastic ties for tieing rebar would be appropriate 
but CRSI should be the best source to answer this.

PS  Is this the Gray Hodge who used to work at Walter P Moore in 

W. Gray Hodge wrote:
> A contractor asked me whether it would be acceptable to use plastic zip
> ties (like those used by electricians to tie wire bundles) to tie rebar
> at splices in lieu of 16 ga wire.  Is there any particular reason to
> allow/disallow the practice?