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Re: Period Calculation for One Story Building with Flexible Diaphragm, FE

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Charles O. Greenlaw,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email message to the SEAOC List
Server concerning the subject matter.  I have long appreciated your postings
to the SEAOC List Server.

Yes, the example building has panels that are joined by poured reinforced
concrete column closures.

You raise some very important points.  Of particular importance is your
statement, "This is one of those task where no single, precise outcome can be
had, no matter who is doing it."

Again, I raise the question: "Using the FEMA 310, Equation (4-1) to calculate
the period of a single story building with a single span flexible diaphragm,
which is subject to many interpretations and possible misunderstandings, are
different engineers able calculate the "Pseudo Lateral Forces", using the
period, T, from this equation, on a reasonably consistent and uniform basis
that it is good public policy to put such an equation in a national guideline
for the seismic evaluation and retrofit of an existing building?

I am in contact with the authors of FEME 310 concerning the questions raised
in my original email message and the above question.  I am still waiting to
hear from them, but they assure me they will send me a response.

Thank you again.  It is always very nice to hear from you directly and
indirectly through the SEAOC List Server.

Frank E. McClure    FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)