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Fwd: Period Calculation for One Story Bu

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Have you tried various arbitrarily selected values for "EA"?  Say start with 
the area of the 4 X 4 angle, then double it, then triple that figure, etc., 
and see what effect it has on the deflection of the diaphragm, and 
subsequently, the period.

If very large arbitrary variations in "EA" don't make much difference, then 
what you select for "EA" would be inconsequential.  If it does make a 
difference, then ignore this post.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Frank McClure wrote:

. > The 1994 Uniform Building Code, Section 23.22, has an equation for
. > the calculation of a plywood diaphragm deflection, which includes a 
. > factor "A" for the area of the diaphragm chord. In an existing tilt-up 
. > building, what is the diaphragm chord? Is it the continuous steel 4" x 4" 
. > x 1/4 " angle which supports the roof construction at the face of the 5 
. > 3/4 inch reinforced concrete tilt-up wall? Is it some portion of the 5 
. > 3/4 inch reinforced concrete tilt-up wall, say 5 3/4 " x 24", like the 
. > flange of a reinforced concrete tee beam? 
. >