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Re: Need Help

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Rob Stevens wrote:
> Is there anyone on the list who has and is familiar with the Primavera
> Project Planner Scheduling Program.
> The company I am working for is bidding a project in Pittsburgh. In reading
> the specifications they discovered that it is mandatory to use the above
> program for the Critical Path Method Scheduling. Since we do not have the
> program they were going to purchase it. However; the project bid is due
> next week and there is no time to obtain the program and learn how to use
> it.
> So if any one on the list with the program would like a job setting up the
> initial scheduling let me know.
> Also since we are going to purchase the program has anyone had experience
> with the  Primavera Program and what is your opinion.
> Thanks for any help.
> Robert W. Stevens, Jr., PE
> This is a rush job (and what job is not) so please if anyone wants the work
> contact me immediately.

My indirect experience with Primavera is that is a very sophisticated
program with a lot of features.  Unless this is a very complicated,
muti-discipline project with a lot of logic between the various tasks,
Primavera is a dramatic overkill.

Many public agencies "blindly" make this a request without really
looking at the true value that this is bringing to the project. 
Primavera makes a less sophisticated (and less costly) product,
Suretrack.  This is easier to use, cheaper, and can be merged into a
Primavera schedule.  You may want to suggest this as an alternate.

Good Luck!