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Re: 1-3/4" roof slab

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In my opinion, you have a 1-3/4 thick UN-reinforced concrete slab, with   1"   of dead load
plaster on top of it.  The plaster wil not provide sufficient corrosion protection for the
metal, and in a few years it will corrode and expand, resulting in delamination of the plaster
from the concrete slab.

If this is the case, then the dead load of the plaster + the 30 PSF live load would cause the
concrete to be over-stressed.  However, note that UN-reinforced concrete is not permitted for
this type of construction (ACI 318-95, para.   22.2.2).

My $.02


Lew Midlam

Alex C. Nacionales wrote:

> Dear Lew,
> The 1-3/4" slab is one way and supported by
> 6"x12" RC beam on fours sides. The slabs and
> beams were poured first then the expanded metal
> was placed on top of the slab and
> and cement plaster 1:3 mix of washed sand and
> portland cement type I was applied and cured.
> Construction is complete now. I will  send you a
> picture if you are interested.
> Sincerely
> Iloilo City, Philippines