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Re[2]: 1-3/4" roof slab

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     I believe that this is a pioneering move by Alex, but my exposure to 
     construction in this country make me a little bit on the hesitant side 
     to go support it. Steel deck suppliers here are not that enthusiastic 
     in guaranteeing fire rating on their products even if their brochure 
     says so.
     Jerome AM Tan

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Subject: Re: 1-3/4" roof slab
Author:  MIME7:TahirQ(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    6/12/98 12:14 PM

1-3/4" slab look very thin, but I have seen 2" or 2.5" on steel deck on joists 
2' c/c.
The thickness goes with fire rating also.  A thin light weight concrete can be 
used, it all depends on the fire rating.
Tahir Qureshi, PE