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RE: BRIDGE: Need Recommendations for Bridge Design Programs

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We mostly use alot of in house developed software for design and
analysis but the following seem to work with some tweaking of the input:

1.	Precast Concrete Structures -  CONSPAN from LEAP Software
2.	Curved Steel Structures - DESCUS I/II from Production Software
3.	Seismic Analysis - Seisab from Imbsen & Associates, Inc.

If we truly have a funky geometric bridge we use our COGO program to
create the bridge and then import the coordinates into our analysis
programs.  The COGO has to be run anyway since our clients usually
require Haunch tables so its no extra work.

There are alot more out there but I haven't used them.  May I suggest
you go to CALTRANS' or Penn DOT's web page, they have alot of neat
inhouse developed software.

I hope this helps.


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> Subject:	BRIDGE: Need Recommendations for Bridge Design Programs
> Does anyone have a recommendation for a "grillage" and/or "finite
> element" style bridge design program?
> Of course, one could always use ANY 3-D analysis program and set it up
> yourself, but it becomes tedious to work the geometry.
> I'd like to know if there are any VIABLE programs specifically geared
> toward bridges.