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RE: Period Calculation for One Story Building with Flexible Diaphragm, FE

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Frank, would you please keep the rest of us updated on your progress. If you
receive an explanation privately, would you please post is so that the rest
of use can learn as well.
Thank you.
BTW, I believe that most of the list appreciates both Charles Greenslaw and
your participation to this list. Let's not lose site of that. Those who are
and have historically participated on this list are the reason for its
existence and success.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Re: Period Calculation for One Story Building with Flexible
Diaphragm, FE

Charles Greenlaw,

I sincerely appreciate your replies to my question: How to calculate the
period for a one story building with a flexible roof diaphragm, using FEMA
310, equation (4-1)?

As you wisely suggest, I am trying  to get the authors of FEMA 310 or the
"mother of FEMA 310", which is FEMA 273, to explain how to calculate the
diaphragm deflections used in equation (4-1).  I have contacted several of
Project Team members for ASCE FEMA 178 Update Project, the "father of FEMA
310", asking them the same questions and am patiently waiting for their
replies.  These authors are recognized experts in the field of earthquake
engineering, particularly in the area of evaluation and retrofit of existing

I like your statements: "Remember, FEMA 310 came from the government and it
here to help you.  You don't think your results will be realistic if you do
like a fool? There you go, thinking again.  For your purposes, the result
isn't supposed to be realistic, it is supposed to be in accordance with FEMA
310.  That's the genius in it."

Unlike in "The Caine Mutiny", I am not ready to throw the "potted palm tree
overboard" yet.  However, if I do not receive a reply from either the
of FEMA 310 or FEMA 273 soon, it will influence how I respond in a peer
I am performing on the evaluation and retrofit of a real existing building,
following these FEMA  Guidelines, because I will have to rely on my
engineering judgment, hopefully not like a "fool."  I sincerely hope at
one of these authors takes the time to reply to my recent postings on the
SEAOC List Server, because I consider the application of these FEMA
serious business and I would appreciate some answers soon.

Charles Greenlaw, you are "special" and we need you to keep "the ship headed
in the correct direction."  I must admit I have lost my "compass" on this
issue of how to calculate the period of a one story building with a flexible

Thank you again for your help.

I served as a Lt(jg) CEC USNR in the SEABEES on Okinawa.  Things were
then than now, that includes the building codes.

Frank E. McClure  FEMCCLURE(--nospam--at)