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Re: Moment connection

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The easiest approach from a design standpoint is probably to base the 
strength on the welds to the flanges only. That is the stiffest point 

If you can't get enough strength out of that, the second easiest approach 
is to also use the welds to the web but provide a back-up stiffener on 
the opposite side to transfer the force back out from the web to the 
flanges on the other side.

If you want to avoid the back-up stiffener, you'll have to deal with the 
effects of the relative flexibility of the web versus the flanges with 
some sort of effective length approach. If the effective length limits 
the strength to below that which you need, you're back to the second 


Jerry King wrote:
> I have what is probably a simple question, but cannot find any reference discussing it.  When designing a fully rigid moment connection 
to a column web using t
> Figure 10-25 (b) in Volume 2 of the LRFD manual is the condition I have.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jerry King, PE