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RE: Screen Anchors in Unreinforced Masonry

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Answering your second question first:  it would seem to me that a cosmetic
repair to a mortar joint would be much simpler than repairing the brick.

Regarding your first question:  I think you should relay it to Hilti (or
other mfr.)  I couldn't locate any info on installing screens in the joint,
but the illustrations I found all showed the installation roughly centered
in the units.  Drilling the holes in the grout doesn't sound like a good
idea, though.


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> Subject: Screen Anchors in Unreinforced Masonry
> Can you help me please with two questions about using screen anchors in
> unreinforced masonry like the Hilti Hit Adhesive Anchor System?
> 1. Is it structurally preferable to drill a hole right through the face of
> clay brick masonry for anchors with shear loads or should the
> holes be drilled
> in the mortar joints? Does the preference depend on the relative
> strengths of
> the brick and the mortar? In our case, we have very weak mortar and fairly
> decent brick, but only two wythes. I'm concerned that drilling in
> weak mortar
> might propogate more cracks than just drilling right into the brick.
> 2. For historical buildings, which type/location of holes is more
> "reversible"
> i.e. to patch at a later date? The holes are intended for
> temporary security
> measures. The preservation architect fears more irreversible
> cosmetic damage
> to the building if the holes are drilled right in the brick. Which hole
> location can later be more easily patched to match the original undrilled
> color/texture?
> Thanks for your thoughts,
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