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Re: Screen Anchors in Unreinforced Masonry

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If these are to be temporary connections, you won't be able to remove the
epoxy anchor without more damage to the masonry or by cutting off the bolt
and patching over what remains. You might think about using a wedge anchor
if the brick is strong enough or Ramset/Redhead makes an insert called ESI
Anchors. The insert is what is epoxied into the base material and the bolt
can be easily removed and the plastic cap taken off the top for patching over.

Russ Schaefer

At 05:13 PM 6/15/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Can you help me please with two questions about using screen anchors in
>unreinforced masonry like the Hilti Hit Adhesive Anchor System?
>1. Is it structurally preferable to drill a hole right through the face of
>clay brick masonry for anchors with shear loads or should the holes be drilled
>in the mortar joints? Does the preference depend on the relative strengths of
>the brick and the mortar? In our case, we have very weak mortar and fairly
>decent brick, but only two wythes. I'm concerned that drilling in weak mortar
>might propogate more cracks than just drilling right into the brick. 
>2. For historical buildings, which type/location of holes is more "reversible"
>i.e. to patch at a later date? The holes are intended for temporary security
>measures. The preservation architect fears more irreversible cosmetic damage
>to the building if the holes are drilled right in the brick. Which hole
>location can later be more easily patched to match the original undrilled
>Thanks for your thoughts,
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