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RE: Light Gauge Inspection Questions

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Suggest you contact Neal Peterson, Technical Director, Metal Stud Mfrs
Assn, c/o Devco Engineering, 541-757-8991 (sorry, I don't have an e-mail
address for him)

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> Subject: 	Light Guage Inspection Questions
> I am Principal Inspector for a structural inspection firm in Southern
> California, I am to inspect an overseas project in a monsoon climate
> and
> moisture will be a significant issue.
> Questions have arisen regarding light guage steel framing inspection.
> I've
> posted a question to the American Galvanizers Association and am still
> awaiting an answer. 
> When assembling a light guage steel framed wall panel, including
> drilling
> and         screwing galvanized metal framing members, is it necessary
> to
> treat the         penetrations with a paint or paste, as with epoxy
> coated
> rebar, to seal the         metal and prevent rust?
> Do the screw heads need any treatment after they have been installed?
> What if power driven pins or welding is used?  I have the AWS
> refernces.
> What requirements are there for the anchors set in the concrete.    
> The Field Guide from the Light Guage Steel Engineers Assoc 2.1.3
> refers to
>             "popped screw heads"?  What is this condition?
> Additionally, the Field Guide 2.1.4 refers to possible problems within
> 48
> hours         of screwed connection installation related to "hydrogen
> embrittlement"?  What is        this, what are consequences and how
> may I
> inspect for it?
> Plywood is proposed to cover the diaphragms and walls.  Is there any
> special            requirement to connect wood elements to the steel
> framing for high moisture             conditions?
> Thanks for your help and if anyone knows of additional references that
> might help, please respond.
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