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Re: Fwd: FEMA 310, Handbook for the Seismic Evaluation

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I think you got their attention  ;<)  

Keep on commenting!

Best wishes,
Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

At 04:01 PM 6/16/98 -0700, Diana Todd wrote:
>To: SEAOC List Serve Administrator
>Please post this message, which is a response to a recent comment 
>concerning FEMA 310 that appeared on the SEAOC list server, to the SEAOC 
>list so that all who read the original comments have an opportunity to 
>see the response.  Thank you.
>Diana Todd
>Frank:  Always good to hear from you and thanks for your continuing
>interest in
>FEMA 310.  This time, however, I have to take strong exception to at least
>of your statements.  First of all, your comments, oral and written, were
>given very heavy consideration and, in one way or another, ALWAYS
answered.  I
>personally participated in the process. (And you would not let us get away
>it if it had been otherwise!).  Secondly, the Cooperative Agreement between
>and FEMA clearly states that FEMA would publish the results of the effort in
>which you participated, but that the process would continue under ASCE
>responsibility and according to ANSI procedures to transform the
>into a "Standard".  I am surprised that you were not aware of this
>Since this stipulation is a fact, I believe your comparing FEMA's
>publication of
>310 to "giving approval for the use of a drug without proper testing and
>evaluation" to be most inappropriate and without merit.  
>I hope, Frank, that you will continue to apply your not inconsiderable
>and experience to making 310 a good Standard. All the best.
>Ugo Morelli-FEMA Project Officer for FEMA 310