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Fw: Civil PE Exam

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Unless a person handles a wide variety of civil jobs, you are going to have
to study an area that you don't actually do at the office (all that often
anyway).  In my case I do strictly structural work, and I ended up boning
up on closed pipe flow, open channel flow and traffic.  The last two were
the easiest problems on my particular exam, so I would suggest getting
those under your belt, at least as an alternative to a more difficult
problem in another area.   I also found that doing a practice exam, with a
time limit, was very helpful in getting myself to NOT spend too much time
on one problem.

Good luck!

T. Eric Gillham PE

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> Subject: Re: Civil PE Exam
> Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 12:51 PM
> Same here.  Any advice on how to approach the study?
> >     A few colleagues and I will be taking the PE Exam this October.  
> >We're 
> >     looking for recent (1990 and later) PE review manuals or notes, 
> >and 
> >     we're specially interested in acquiring Chelapati's six volumes.  
> >Any 
> >     help would be greatly appreciated!
> >     
> >     If you are able to help us, please email me at 
> >     vanessa.camelo(--nospam--at)
> >     
> >     Thank you very much!
> >     
> >     Vanessa
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