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RE: Courts putting cap on engr hourly fee?

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>>He's right, why should the public be forced to pay for a non-essential
service that they don't  need or want. I all this art is so great why can't
it pay for it self without government handouts. To me government funding of
arts is welfare for the elite or elite want a bee's.<<

Hear Hear I will drink to that!

Once I was reading an article about Helms (or was it the other nitwit
whatis name?) and he said he wanted to ban Mapplethorpe's art because "it
corrupts everyone who views it".

So how come the reported didn't ask him:

1. how did you manage to view this art yourself without becoming corrupt??


2. why are you condemning something you know nothing about??

Both very good questions

Kate O'rien
Simi Valley, CA